AGES - Reference projects in the whole of Europe

Throughout Europe countries and road operators rely on solutions of AGES: State-of-the-art technologies and comprehensive services.

HGV Toll Germany

In the context of the German HGV toll AGES is responsible for the complete billing of the toll charges with the users and guarantees punctual payment of the total annual revenue of over seven billion euros to the customer. Furthermore, AGES supervises toll points of sale in ten countries (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland).

AGES services for the HGV toll at a glance:

  • Operation of a toll network with several hundreds of terminal locations
  • Processing payment transactions for toll charges amounting to over seven billion euros
  • Billing receivables from approximately 100,000 registered users
  • Receipt and settlement of cash revenues from domestic and foreign toll stations
  • Authorisation and clearing of all card payments of non-registered users in the entire terminal network

Development stages of the Eurovignette

On 1st January 1995, AGES started a system in Germany to charge road user charges for heavy goods vehicles in Europe which was commissioned by the Bundesamt für Güterverkehr (Federal Office for Goods Transport): the Eurovignette. The time-based charge was implemented in Germany, the BeNeLux countries, Denmark and Sweden. AGES is still continuing to develop the vignette system up to the present day: The previous paper-based toll system was replaced in 2008 by the up-to-date electronic vignette.

Electronic Eurovignette

The electronic Eurovignette replaced the paper-based vignette system on 1st October 2008. Being the service provider of this new system AGES ensures its successful development and implementation as well as the operation of all required facilities including the control centre and network of several hundreds of points of sale. The entire Eurovignette countries with the four member states (Denmark, Luxemburg, the Netherlands and Sweden) as well as the neighbouring countries (Belgium, Finland, France, Germany and Great Britain) are covered by it. In the context of the electronic Eurovignette, the AGES product "e-Vignette" has been successfully implemented for the first time.

AGES services for the electronic Eurovignette at a glance:

  • Set up and operation of points of sale
  • Equipping the POS network with country-specific terminals for toll charging
  • Set up and operation of the communication infrastructure between the Headquarters and the points of sale
  • Authorisation and billing of all executed transactions at the points of sale
  • Billing of all cash transactions with the POS
  • Clearing of the money/fees received and payment of the amounts to the customer
  • Supporting the member states with their controls
  • Back office processing such as e.g. issuing replacement receipts and commission statement

Eurovignette Netherlands

From 2000 to 2008, AGES supervised the Eurovignette system in the Netherlands as a service provider and was thus responsible for the system’s safe operation and the entire data communication for over 200 points of sale.

Eurovignette "Belt States"

From 1995 to 2008, AGES was the operator of the Eurovignette system in the countries surrounding the Eurovignette area, and set up and operated around 290 points of sale in the member states of the Eurovignette. AGES processed the entire payment transactions amounting to around 70 million euros annually. The "Belt States" of the Eurovignette included the countries Austria, the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Great Britain, Poland and Switzerland and subsequently also Germany.

Eurovignette Germany

In 1995, AGES implemented the Eurovignette system in Germany commissioned by the Bundesamt für Güterverkehr (BAG) and was in charge of operating the system until it was terminated in 2003. In this connection, over 5,000 service points were set up and supervised throughout the whole country. The total turnover processed by AGES was around 3.8 billion euros.

HGV toll in Belgium

In April 2016 Belgium left the Eurovignette alliance and started an own tolling scheme for HGV. AGES plays a major role in user registration and payment processes for this new tolling system.