HGV toll in Germany

The HGV toll has been charged on German motorways since 1st January 2005 and as of 1st July 2018 on all A roads. Since 1st October 2015 the toll applies to HGV with a total permissible weight of more than 7.5 tonnes. These road user charges are only incurred for the actual total kilometres driven. The toll rate per kilometre driven consists of an amount for the use of the infrastructure and an amount for the pollution caused by the HGV. The infrastructure part is based upon axle classes and the pollution part upon emission classes. 

Points of sale are available to book into the road network within the toll area in ten European countries. If you register as a user, you can speed up the booking at the points of sale and also make use of a number of convenient services with regard to the HGV toll in Germany.

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