e-Vignette – A simple operation

The e-Vignette is an efficient and at the same time simple system. The right to use designated toll roads is specified as a securely encoded entry in a central database. The diagram below and the following text illustrate the ease of use of the AGES system.


The e-Vignette is based on the electronic storage of rights of use. This authorization to use the roads is acquired via the Internet, mobile via smartphone, at a point-of-sale, e.g. petrol station or other sales partner. All purchasing options are also available to foreign road users, so that the system is non-discriminatory. Alongside the registration number, only the data relevant to the toll charge is registered during the booking process.


All major means of payment from cash, credit card to fuel cards and electronic cash are accepted.


After purchase of the electronic vignette, relevant information is stored and encoded in a central database via the registration number.


The controls to enforce compliance of the vignette are similar to other compliance measures utilising fixed or portable numberplate recognition. Manual or mobile controls are also used. The registration of the vehicle to be checked is registered automatically, encoded and compared with the centrally stored rights of use. If there is no violation, the data is deleted immediately. No movement profiles need to be created, protecting driver privacy and observing data protection laws.


In the case of unauthorized road use, proceedings to issue a penalty notice can be initiated without delay. Stopping is only necessary in the case of foreign vehicles, which may otherwise be able to escape such proceedings.